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Welcome to the Birmingham Drum School!


The Drum School

Birmingham Drum School

Centred in the heart of Birmingham with four clean rooms, a variety of drum kits both acoustic and electric and knowledgable tutors, Birmingham Drum School is the perfect place to start your drumming experience.

We offer one to one drum lessons in a comfortable environment, which helps our students to relax and maintain their focus during lessons. All our rooms are kitted out with sound systems, allowing our learners to play along to music or click tracks, which greatly improves timing and generally makes the tutoring a lot more fun.

Our tutors are practised at dealing with all age groups no matter what stage you're at. Every lesson plan is carefully created with the individual in mind, focusing on your current drumming skills and aiming to help you progress further.

We teach both Rockschool and Guildhall Grade Syllabus's (Grades 1-8) if you're interested in gaining a qualification but are more than willing to teach anyone who wants to play drums just for the fun of it.

Students are asked to provide their own drum sticks and study folders and are advised to wear flat soled shoes.

Other Facilities

Our facilities also include a comfortable reception area for those that do not wish to sit in on drum lessons, although we do request that students below the age of 8 are accompanied at all times. We have a vending machine situated in this area providing snacks and hot drinks.

We have a small drum shop on site where we sell items such as drum sticks, drum pads, t-shirts and key rings.

There is plenty of free parking outside the drum school and a music shop located across the car park for all those bits and pieces you can't find in our own drum shop.


If you would like more information or would like to book a lesson, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Call: For lesson enquirys and booking 07495912599      Office 01212413040 

Email: enquiry@birminghamdrumschool.co.uk



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